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January 2, 2011
International Foundation For Chronic Disabilities

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February 1, 2011
The 5 Essential Concepts of Developmental Medicine
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Initiatives which lead to improved "clinical competency" of those physicians, dentists, and nurses who provide health services to adults with disabilities secondary to Chronic Brain Disorder (CBD) are greatly needed. We have found that physicians, dentists, and nurses who treat adults with CBD will have better clinical outcomes if they have a good understanding of their patients' specific CBD and the status of its 4 major "complications" (i.e. cognitive dysfunction, motor dysfunction, seizures, and behavioral disorders). In addition, it is important for the primary care physician, dentist, and nurse to appreciate the enormous variety of "health consequences" that might result from these 4 major complications and may therefore be present in any patient at any time (for example: osteoporosis could be a health consequence of motor dysfunction, drug toxicity a health consequence of seizures, and periodontitis a health consequence of all 4 of the complications of CBD ). This conceptualization of CBD health issues has been called the "CBD Paradigm".


These programs will address current information on the optimal evaluation and management of the primary and secondary health conditions that are frequently encountered in adults with CBD. Primary health conditions that will be discussed include genetic diagnoses, cognitive disability, seizures, behavioral dysfunction, and motor dysfunction. Secondary conditions (i.e. those commonly occurring health conditions that are a consequence of genetic disorders, cognitive dysfunction, seizures, behavioral dyscontrol, and motor dysfunction) that will be discussed include disorders of oropharyngeal-gastrointestinal (OPGI) function, pulmonary dysfunction, osteoporosis, drug toxicities, and disorders of oral health. All sessions will be of use to primary care health providers such as physicians, dentists, nurses, dental hygienists, physical therapists, but will also be designed to be of interest to people with disabilities themselves and their families. There will also be presentations that address the problems of medical, dental, and nursing health care delivery in the primary care setting, and the status of various national initiatives designed to overcome barriers to access of quality care for people with CBD who live in community residences as well in institutional/hospital settings.

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