The Brain Health Initiative


Mission Statement

On December 4, 2010, my brother committed suicide. As a result of psychological disorders, he decided to take his own life. This was the beginning of my involvement in “Brain Health” study. Well… I guess that is not totally accurate. Throughout my life, I have been fascinated with conceptual art, philosophy, and psychology.  I remember very fondly the philosophical discussions I had with my brother. Although he was very intelligent, it was quite clear he had poor brain health.

Having good brain health is a complex issue. There are a plethora of factors involved. “Brain Health” involves; biochemistry, philosophy, psychology, physiology, metaphysics, and brain structure. It is mixture of physicality, application, and process.  In “technological” terms it is about the “hardware” (the brain organ, its chemical and electrical processes) and the “software” (how to think, what to think). The purpose of the Brain Health Initiative is to take a “holistic” approach to brain health. 

I feel that “Brain Health” has a close link my field of the visual arts. I label myself a "conceptual artist" above all else. In “conceptual art” the idea is the most important aspect of the work, rather than the material object. Working with various philosophical and psychological motifs, has provided me with a cognitive framework and a particular worldview. For example, Aristotle believed that it is important to study music. He felt that one should study music, not necessarily to become a professional musician, but to learn how to hear and listen better. I believe that one can have a similar outcome when engaging with the visual arts. Through the visual arts one could develop better ways of seeing and viewing the world. 

In honor of my brother, I invite all to come along this journey with me. Our brain is the most important part of our humanity. Let us discover what it means to possess a healthy brain.


Frank P. May, Director



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