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Steve Kirchuk

Director, Digital Media, e-Learning & Usability

Current Position:

President, Computer Images Web,
Washington, NJ

Steve has been helping businesses get their message across visually and increase Brand awareness for over 30 years and on the web for over 20. Since 2000 he has been digital media director and president at Computer images Web, LLC.

In the mid 2000's he worked part time at Matheny School & Hospital as Digital Art and Music Facilitator in the Arts Access program. Using his knowledge of both disciplines, he helped physically challenged young adults create art and music.




Steve is better than a magician. There's no illusion, his work is very real but you wonder what tricks he had to use to take your pieces of ideas and concepts and turn them into beautiful and effective business tools. Additionally, Steve and his team is quick and responsive in regards to questions, concerns, and changes after his work is on your screen. Working with Steve can help you think more creatively, communicate over the internet more efficiently and effectively and his pleasant demeanor makes the tasks easy.

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Our Vision

IFCD develops and promotes collaborative relationships among those involved in the healthcare, education, and research of those health conditions frequently encountered in adults with both childhood-onset and adult-onset chronic health conditions.

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