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Philip May MD

Director of Quality Improvement & Research

Current Position:

  • Director, Quality Improvement Program Development Lee Specialty Clinic
  • Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine (Gratis), University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY

The following was written by a former Student of Dr May for LinkedIn.

Dr. May is a leader in his field of metabolic bone health in the developmentally disabled population. Dr. May has spent many years serving this under recognized population. He has written professional articles on the subject and has presented instructional lectures to those of us in the medical field. Dr. May has devoted much of his professional career treating the the developmentally disabled population, improving their health and preventing bone fractures. Dr. May is a leader and an inspiration to many of us in the field of medicine.

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IFCD develops and promotes collaborative relationships among those involved in the healthcare, education, and research of those health conditions frequently encountered in adults with both childhood-onset and adult-onset chronic health conditions.

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