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IFCD educational/training programs are designed and aimed so that trainees are able to understand the concepts of the "Chronic Brain Disorder Paradigm", and also be better able to evaluate and manage:

  1. The basic etiological diagnosis of Chronic Brain Dysfunction.
  2. Cognitive dysfunction in patients with CBD.
  3. Motor dysfunction in patients with CBD.
  4. Seizure disorders in patients with CBD.
  5. Behavioral disorders in patients with CBD.
  6. Syndrome-related conditions in patients with CBD.
  7. All primary and secondary health conditions (such as oral health, bone health, gastrointestinal health, and pulmonary health) in patients with CBD and other Chronic Disorders (CD)

Our Vision

IFCD develops and promotes collaborative relationships among those involved in the healthcare, education, and research of those health conditions frequently encountered in adults with both childhood-onset and adult-onset chronic health conditions.

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